My first mini board came after my first longboard, since it seemed to be a lot easier to make. I had a problem in that my first longboard was akin to carrying a small collection of bricks around with me. I wanted something light, small and most importantly - cheap.

I had a couple of ordinary skateboard trucks lying around, so I figured I could put them to good use with a miniboard. The important thing was to ensure that it would fit snugly into my rucksack and look freaking cool. The basic shape took about 3 days to work out.

I used a much thinnner plywood this time round, so I could make multiple plies. 3mm seemed a little thin, but it was cheap. However, due to the saw making such a horrible mess of the edges, I had to use a Stanley knife (exacto knife for you Americans) to get the edges nice a sharp. I decided 3 layers (9mm) should be enough, but needed to make a custom press to get it properly held together.

The final shape came out nicely, as you can see.

Paintjob was a screwup, I had to scrape most of the black off, but then decided it looked kind of cool, so I shaped it into a diamond and put a biohazard sign on the bottom. Basically my artistic skills are extremely lacking, so anything that can be stensiled is the easy way out for me.

Alas, cheap wood was my downfall, because this board snapped pretty rapidly after it had been built (maybe 3 days it lasted). I needed to build more.