Cue a cutscene...many months pass by....I graduate, I leave the country to stay with my girlfriend in South Korea for 3 months and finally, I'm living with my sister in England for 2 months. It's time to build a longboard again.

So as I said, I was happy with my longboard, apart from the irritating glue problem. I decided that the only way to avoid that (as I STILL couldn't get any decent wood), would be to build a new longboard, without any wood in it. That's right, completely out of fiberglass. I had to choose the right moment to do it, I waited until my sister went away for a week. Without any real core, I decided the board would be too flexible, so I drew up a plan based on the human body. A flexible spine, plus flexible outsides should create some form of solid board. But to get the shape, I would need to glass on to some kind of mould. I used polyethene foam, sanded into the shape I needed (and covered in plastic to stop it sticking!).

Mistakes were made, as the large lump of "no more nails" filling in the gap shows, but overall it worked out pretty well. The conservatory was damn cold though, so I put a portable heater in (which I later had to pay for, due to the massive jump in electricity usage!).

The final product was a large lump of glass, one half of the board. It was a little worrying just how flexible it was, but I figured it would be fine...probably.

Next was the spine of the board, just a lump of 3mm ply stuck on with a bit of resin. That was difficult to do well, but seemed to be stuck enough. Hell, it isn't going anywhere now, since it's encased in resin.

Finally, the bottom needed to be done. This was just a large amount of glass and resin again, yawn yawn.

I managed to borrow an angle grinder to cut it out, but first I designed the shape on the computer and printed it out. This was difficult, multi-sheet printing is a real pain!

Cutting out went well right up to the last cut, where I slipped and lopped a bit too much of the nose on one side. It's not too noticable, but I was kicking myself pretty hard!

Graphics were simple and stolen from the internet. I thought the skull looks cool though. Grip was applied with tread tex and there she was, finished.

Overall, an interesting board. Not quite as much spring or springback as the wood board, but a nice ride overall. I like how it's opaque, looks really cool and see through in real life. As it cured, it got more and more see through. It's slightly heavier than board 2, but that's not a bad thing, feels much nicer down hills and round corners. I'm still shocked the idea worked, since I have very little knowledge of fiberglass. I guess when it snaps, I can blame it on that.