Much research was done before longboard two. Unfortunatly the lack of retailers selling them meant that I could only read and imagine what people were talking about. A few things were certain though, I wanted something lighter and more fun, with a better shape than my previous board. I decided camber was the way to go.

There's a few different bends you can put on a longboard:

So camber was what I decided on. From what I read, this meant that the board would support you better, as it would spring against you as you go round corners. This would also make it more fun to ride! Solving the weight problem was harder, given that the only wood available to me was rubbish. I needed thin and strong, what I had was thin-ish (3mm) and not so strong. Composites were the way forward I decided, so I got hold of some fiberglass.

The first problem was how to press the board into the shape I wanted. I had decided on 2 plys (so 6mm in total), but to get the shape without resorting to an iron (which would weaken it), I would have to glue them in the shape and hold them for a day or so. Large presses are possible, but difficult and expensive (especially without powertools!). In the end, I collected all my heavy items and stuck them on the board.

This worked, but later I found weakspots where it hadn't properly bonded. Still, it looked good for the time being. The bend came out quite nicely, which was mostly pure luck.

The graphics were next, I decided on a halflife theme, since I love that game. Plus lambda is awesome, even if it does bring back memories of lambda calculus. SILO rather than SILOSPEN seemed sensible, since I often shorten my name like that.

And a spot of portal on the bottom...

Fiberglassing was something I hadn't ever done before, but I went ahead to see how I fared. It turned out to be messy and really good fun, but cost me dearly when my landlord demanded a new carpet due to the mess, eek!

And that was that, she ended up exactly as I had planned. Nice and light, really flexy (scarily so, I still feel like I'm going to snap it when I step onto it) and so much fun to ride. I rode this board for 6 months, took it with me to South Korea for 3 months where it was my main mode of transportation. The only problem was the glue between the plys as I already mentioned. Every month or so I have to scrape out the old glue and stick new stuff in. Otherwise, it's the best board ever. But maybe I'm biased :)