My first longboard was pretty fun to build. I had wood left over from the kitesurf boards and I knew a friend who had built one. He was who planted the idea in my mind, so I shopped on the net for some longboard trucks (thanks lushlongboards), plus some clear griptape.

The colour scheme was pretty simple, just "silospen" on the bottom and some reasonably cool colours on top. It was pretty horribly made, with holes in the side filled in with white pollyfilla - ugly. Still, a spot of varnish and it polished up pretty well. The important thing was that is made me realise just how awesome longboarding is.

It rode like a cow, since it was so heavy and solid. I mean, you'd know if this thing hit you. It helped it going down hills since your momentum got up nicely, but for corners I needed something more...something with some spring. So I hit the internet to find out what the cool kids were making.